Charities must continue to prepare for a no-deal Brexit

The Brexit Civil Society Alliance is a UK wide alliance of charities, voluntary and campaigning organisations, all working together to ensure that the voices of civil society are heard in the Brexit process.

They have prepared a guide is to help organisations plan for a no-deal Brexit. It is designed as a starting document, with links to more extensive guides in it.

Why you need to plan: A no-deal Brexit has not been averted. The “Benn-Burt” bill passed by Parliament requires the Prime Minister to ask for an extension of Article 50, keeping the UK in the EU until the 31st January 2020. However, the Prime Minister and government “sources” have repeatedly said they aim to take the UK out on the 31st October with or without a deal. An extension is also dependent on the EU granting it. Furthermore, if an extension is granted, the cliff edge is merely delayed, not removed. Only passing a deal or revoking Article 50 removes no-deal completely.

You can download the guide here

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