Our Surplus Food project deliveries in numbers

As we’ve come to the end of our food parcel deliveries – we’ve been reflecting on the past 4 months of WCDA. Since 17th of March 2020, we’ve committed fully to delivering food parcels to Whitley residents most in need.

Whitley CDA staff and volunteers have been working tirelessly 5 days a week making up and delivering food boxes AND 7 days a week doing everything else: picking up surplus food from many of our generous partners; picking up hot meals; sorting and managing food on our premises; keeping database of the people needing our help.

Here’s some of our statistics

During the 96 (!) days of our operation (these are the 5 days a week) we’ve delivered and fed:

That’s an average of over 60 people a day.

Our daily number of parcels delivered looks like this:

Our daily number of people we’ve fed looks like this:

While these numbers are astonishing and horrifying at the same time – we wouldn’t be able to help so many people without the partnerships we’ve made. You can see all of our generous partners, volunteers, Whitley residents and more – who helped us in so many ways here:

We now continue our journey forward. Our food deliveries stopped – but we didn’t. If you’re in need, we can supply you with a food parcel that you can collect from our premises.

Please remember to call ahead on 0118 374 0052 or 07799 146615.

We also have our surplus food table set outside every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during our opening hours (9.00 am to 3.00 pm)

During August we also prepare meals for Whitley families that we’ve identified.

There’s still plenty to be done before our Whitley Social Club & Cafe will reopen but we’re not sitting idle. As you can see, we’re busier than ever. Over the next few months we plan on the bar renovation as well as sprucing up the cafe area. Please bear with us while we make sure that when we return – we are the best way we possible can be AND the safest.

The WCDA team

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