What is 'The Whitley Million'?

Big Local is an idea run by the Local Trust, which has over £200 million pounds from the Big Lottery Fund and several partners to provide residents in 150 areas around England the opportunity to get involved and make a lasting investment in their community. The aim is to bring together local talent and ambitions, skills and energy from not just individual residents but from local organisations, businesses and groups. It is not about the local governmental organisations coming in and telling us what needs to be done, and it is not about one group monopolising the money to get what they want for themselves. The investment needs to be for the long term, sustainable and inclusive for the whole population of the Big Local area.

The Whitley Big Local area (shown in red on the map) is that which was defined by Big Local when selecting Whitley to receive money. The £1million must be spent within this area. Around this is the Area of Benefit (shown in green on the map), Big Local money cannot be spent out in this wider area but we hope and expect the wider community from this area to benefit from and be able to participate in the Big Local project.

Local residents formed themselves into a constituted group, the Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA), which will act as the steering group for the Whitley Big Local project.

Anyone living within the Big Local Area or the Area of Benefit can become a member of WCDA.

How can I join Whitley Social Club?

We are incredibly happy to see new members and it couldn't possibly be easier. Pop in any time we are open, collect a form and pay either by cash or card.

Individual £15
Family £25
Concession £7.50

If you would like to try before you buy then that is OK too! Get signed in by a member for just £1.

Do you have to have a membership to visit the Cafe?

No, you don't.

The Cafe is open to everyone. No membership is required.