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Our Trustees:

Ian Holt - Chairman

Maria Cox - Vice-Chair

Lisa Alloune - Treasurer

Derek Chapman - Secretary


Imke Wilson - Trustee

Liz Grugeon - Trustee; HR & Personnel

Steve Kirby - Trustee; WSC&C Representative

Micky Leng - Trustee

Margaret Cobb - Trustee

Lisa Haines - Trustee


Chris Bloomfield - Reading Borough Council; Associate member

Tricia Pease - Royal Berkshire Hospital; Associate member

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Ian Holt


"I'm a local resident. I'm holding my second term as a chairman of WCDA, but have been involved within community before: I've been on the Whitley Social Club & Cafe committee."

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Maria Cox


"I'm a Big Local resident, part of the Whitley Park Fundraiser committee and the JMA parents' forum. I've become a trustee in July 2018.  I'm a mum of three and spend most of my free time watching my son playing football."

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Lisa Alloune


"I'm a local resident, a new trustee and newly elected WCDA treasurer as of February 2019."


Derek Chapman


"I'm a resident of Whitley Wood: been here about 15 years. I've got a real background in social/community work - I'm on the board of the Credit Union and formerly a trustee at the WW community centre & at Launchpad, among other things. I've been a member of the Trustees here for two years and Treasurer since last year. 

My goal is to try and eliminate the stigma that Whitley, unfortunately, gained and make the area a place that people are proud to live in."


Liz Grugeon

Trustee; HR & Personnel

"I was born in Reading and have lived here all my life. My grandmother lived in Cressingham Road, so I have a connection to the area. I worked for over twenty years in the legal department of Berkshire County Council and was an active member of Nalgo, now UNISON.

I was an Employment Tribunal Member for twenty years - the employee side, of course, and am now happily retired."
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Imke Wilson


"I'm a local resident and am serving my final year as a WCDA trustee. I was a chair and a vice-chair in previous terms."


Steve Kirby

Trustee; Whitley Social Club & Café representative

"I'm part of the Whitley Social Club & Café committee and am representing them at the WCDA board of trustees."

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Micky Leng


"I'm a local resident and one of the original trustees since the WCDA was created"

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Margaret Cobb


"I'm a local resident and immigrant with a lifetime interest in community development and social democracy. My particular area of interest within WCDA is the Whitley Community Museum."

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Lisa Haines


"I'm a newly appointed trustee and a local resident."

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Chris Bloomfield

Reading Borough Council; Associate member

'I'm a neighbourhood regeneration manager at Reading Borough Council and am representing council at the WCDA board of trustees for my second term. I'm passionate about local community and try my best to aid WCDA in council matters and more.'

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Patricia Pease

Royal Berkshire Hospital; Associate member

'I'm an urgent care group director of Royal Berkshire Hospital and am representing them at the WCDA board of trustees. I'd like to get involved in the community and I try my best to do so.'

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