Our Trustees:

Liz Grugeon - Chairman

Margaret Cobb - Vice-Chair

Imke Wilson - Treasurer

Kerry Reilly-West- Secretary

Lisa Haines

Angela Beaumont

Paul Childs

Sarah King


Liz Grugeon


I'm Liz Grugeon, Reading born and bred; I've lived on the edge of Whitley for over 50 years, and as a child used to visit my grandmother who lived in Cressingham Road.

I'm married to Bunny (don't ask) and have a dog, two children, a son-in-law
and 2 Scottish terrier "grand-dogs".

I'm now retired, but worked for most of my life for the Legal department of Berkshire County Council. I also spent 25 years as an Employment Tribunal panel member.

I'm interested in local and national politics, and enjoy attending live modern jazz concerts. I also read whenever I can, it's the greatest escape from daily problems that I know.

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Margaret Cobb

Vice Chair

I'm a local resident and immigrant with a lifetime interest in community development and social democracy. My particular area of interest within WCDA is the Whitley Community Museum.


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Imke Wilson


I'm a local resident. I was a chair and a vice-chair in previous terms. 


Kerry Reilly-West


I was born in Reading and moved to Whitley nearly 30 years ago. I have chosen to live here and with my family, as the people and community spirit is unique and is what makes it special. I am passionate the work of WCDA and would like my professional skills and interests to support the fantastic work already being undertaken. I am honoured to be a Trustee and look forward to what the future brings for this amazing charity.