At Whitley CDA we have people working with us in a range of different ways. All of them are expected to work to the same standards. Some of us are volunteers but we are all valued the same way.

  • Current Vacancies

    Our team is always growing and evolving. We are very proud of our staff progression and growth. This does mean that we are always looking for talented and committed people to join our team. Click here 

  • Partners

    We are committed to working in partnership with local stakeholders.  Click here 

  • Staff

    Our people are our greatest asset. We are committed to providing quality paid employment and providing pathways tailored to individuals' needs. All staff work with core values in mind. Click here 

  • Trainees

    We provide a range of learning opportunities to allow people to identify their own needs and aspirations. Click here 

  • Trainers

    Everyone providing training is accredited, they have all been chosen to meet the needs of our trainees.  Click here 

  • Trustees

    These people represent the community and are building their own capacity to affect change in the community. Click here 

  • Volunteers

    We recognise that people volunteer for a variety of reasons and are often keen to give something back. We provide a professional working environment and access to all the benefits we provide. Click here