Aspiration in Whitley Report

This research reflects a close partnership between the University of Reading and the Whitley Community Development Association’s (WCDA) Whitley Researchers.

This study explores the aspirations of young people in the Whitley community and considers the barriers they face. It also investigates how schools, families and the wider community can better collaborate in order to help their young people realise their aspirations.

Low aspirations among young people and their families in disadvantaged areas, is often seen at policy level as explaining their failure to do better at tests of attainment including access to further and higher education. Is Whitley a community characterised by a lack of aspiration and to what extent can improved relations between families, schools and communities make a difference? This research set out to respond to these questions.

After months of hard work – we’ve put together a report which is now available to freely access and download at the WCDA’s website:

It’s really worth to take a look.