Listen to Dr Trisha Bennett of WCDA discussing the voucher scheme on Radio Berkshire

This week, Dr Trisha Bennett from WCDA joined Nesta, the UK’s social enterprise agency, on Radio Berkshire to chat about the voucher scheme they’re running in partnership with Reading University.

Dr Bennett discussed the challenges many face in reaching the recommended daily intake of five fruits and vegetables, especially on a budget. The voucher scheme aims to help overcome these barriers by offering assisting with fresh produce, making healthy eating more accessible for everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about the scheme and how it can benefit you, be sure to check out the interview

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  1. Val (Daisy) on 1st March 2024 at 5:33 pm

    The voucher scheme is brilliant but it is only a drop in the ocean as far as need is concerned. We all know that fruit and veg is good for us even more so us oldies as we were brought up on un refined food with veg being our main stay, though not so much fruit as even back then first it was scarce second it cost too much. Hence I guess why so many pensioners suffer from hidden mal nutrition and anaemia. Often not found till admittance to hospital for something else. But the biggest reason I think for all of us being so unfit is the hidden sugars and fats added to our food to make it taste better. As someone who don’t like sweet things much I find it very hard to buy things that are not sweet or have had sweeteners added everything from cereals to bread to sausages pastry products, plus everything is covered in sauces and flavouring and hot spicy additives all containing high amounts of sugars. So why is there no regulation preventing this? why can’t we buy single fruit /veg which we can buy in combined offers. Like the stew packs why not a fruit pack. or a salad pack. Why can’t we buy unsweetened cereals and food. Why isn’t there a voucher scheme for the older generation this might prevent so many hospital stays??