Whitley Park Winter Raffle

Tickets now on sale for Whitley Park Primary School Winter Raffle. Tickets are just £1 per strip.  Tickets can be bought at the school or in WCDA Social Club & Cafe. There are lots of great prizes including; Family Ticket for Aladin @ The HexagonLunch & Game Tickets for Rams RugbySigned Reading FC Team Photo &…

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Tips on making a grant application 

Whilst scrolling through Twitter, as you do, we came across these tips from Jon Arnold. We thought they were so good we should share them with you. Jon can be found on twitter and is tiny tickers CEO. He was previously the BBC Children In Need North grant making committee chair and has been shortlisted…

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Whitley CDA’s Xmas Market

When: 22nd Dec  Where: Whitley Social Club & Cafe, 252 Northumberland Ave. Reading, RG2 7QA We are putting on a Xmas market and it promises to be lots of fun. We are going to activities, with many things happening and a few surprises. We are available to offer a limited number of spaces for stalls on…

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The update on Whitley Community Museum Facebook Page

It’s so amazing to see as our Whitley Community Museum facebook page is growing. We’ve had new members joining in regularly and lots of lovely people sharing their memories. We’re over 1,800 members already! We are looking to do a project on memories of the library. Do you know anyone who used to work there?…

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You can become a Whitley Researcher too!

The Whitley Researchers are a team committed to working together in a friendly and inclusive way where everyone’s work is equally valued. Our research focuses on helping local communities and organisations understand and tackle complex issues surrounding well-being and social exclusion in South Reading. We are trained to use a range of methods from questionnaires…

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World Mental Health Day

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