New year new defib for Whitley

As many of you will remember this year we lost a true Whitley lad when Matthew Farrall passed away unexpectedly in April. 

Matthew was hugely popular and a fine writer who regularly sang the praises of Whitley. His regular contributions to Explore Reading and the Whitley Pump included everything from Reading’s rich history and culture, the beauty of its surrounding countryside, through to its vibrant food and music scene.

In honour of his passing WCDA to decided to raise money to install defibrillators in Whitley in order to save lives. We have also organised Heart Start Training and there is still time to join a session by clicking here.

In the summer we had the grand unveiling of the first defibrillator. The day was well attended, respectful and although solemn a fitting memorial to a Whitely legend. You can read about the day in the Reading Chronicle.

We are so thankful to everyone who helped raise money, whether on the Just Giving page, or in the cafe, or at the fundraising gig or any of the many other ways people got involved to pay their respects. Thanks to all of that we will be unveiling the second defib in the spring of 2019. 

At the moment we are keeping the location under wraps but it will be in Whitley. Watch this space. 

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