Talking Coley & Whitley in a Changing Reading

We are really excited that our next Way Back When will be a little bit special.

We recently met with Graham Turner and Joe Doak of History And Events Of Coley Reading Group. It was a fascinating conversation where we shared stories and discussed the overlapping histories of our respective areas.

Trisha and Graham share stories

We learnt that Graham and Joe have a video called Changing Reading (which includes some footage of ‘Old Coley’). They have been showing this film to a few different societies around Reading and asking people to make a small donation that goes towards the local school in Coley. That’s the kind of positive local community action we wholly support.

Of course, we had to invite them along to our next Way Back When to show the film. We will be showing the video on the big screen in the cafe area. We are sure it will stir some memories amongst our regulars.

The next Way Back When is on March 13th and will be from 10:30 am – Noon as usual. We will then show the video from 12:30 pm – 2.00pm.

There is no need to make any booking. We will be asking visitors to make a small donation to Graham and Joe.

If you have any questions feel free to pop in the cafe or contact us [email protected]

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