Whitley CDA has been working with Reading Uni on their Transforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme and their website is now live

A baseline of 22% of people live in food poverty in the UK, often reliant on solutions outside of mainstream food systems, including food banks. This doesn’t enable people to plan or choose their diet, or to improve their food security on a long-term basis.

The vision of the programme is to provide citizens of culturally-diverse disadvantaged communities with choice and agency over the food they consume, by co-developing new products, new supply chains and new policy frameworks that deliver an affordable, attractive, healthy and sustainable diet.

Whitley CDA and Whitley residents have worked closely with the project to help them shape the outcomes – The project brings together academic researchers, food industry representatives, civil organisations and policy makers to reimagine how food policy, food products and food supply chains can be developed. The project will focus on working together with disadvantaged communities to jointly imagine new solutions to address a lack of access to healthy, sustainable food.

You can find out more about the project here: https://research.reading.ac.uk/food-system-equality/

You can also watch this video