Whitley Park Fundraiser

One of our key aims is to work with the community in order to empower the community. With that in mind, we work with local school PTAs to encourage them to become more active and create sustainable ways of supporting their schools.

We’ve provided advice, guidance, support and small grants to facilitate this. One success story is Whitley Park Primary School.

Two of the parents, superstars: Lisa Aluane & Maria Cox took a ‘why not’ attitude and really took the scheme to heart. They contacted many organisations, explaining how the schools in Whitley were in areas of deprivation with lower educational outcomes than the national average and how they wanted to support their schools to help improve this.

They went on to explain that they were trying to assist the teachers by taking some of the pressure off by providing goods, services and funds that could be raffled by the school to raise much-needed funds. The funds would be used to help the children stay focused on their academic achievements.

Using the credentials of Whitley Community Development Association, Maria asked a number of companies and people to donate items for fundraising.

Whitley Park has been donated: away days, pamper days, signed books and word has it that a famous grime artist may be judging Whitley Park’s Got Talent.

Here are a few of the generous donations:

Mo Mcsevney