CEO of Local Trust – Matt Leach – visit in Whitley

Last week we’ve had a visit from Matt Leach, CEO of Local Trust. Matt oversees the operations of Local Trust, leading the staff team and working closely with the board on strategy and governance.

Matt came to visit Whitley Community Development Association – meet the trustees, staff, volunteers, local residents and the many partners – and to learn our stories as well as achievements in the past few years.

We were all so busy chatting to Matt that we didn’t manage to get any photos during the visit! The gallery above contains pictures that were kindly provided by Matt, which he took at the end. We’ve had our Whitley Community Museum set up and were showing a video of our many stories. You can see it on our YouTube channel here: (PS. Feel free to subscribe!)

We’ve had a great turnaround, the cafe was buzzing with many local residents, partners and more! At this point, we’d like to thank everyone who gave up their time to meet with Matt on his visit. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

Here’s what Matt said following his visit:

“It was brilliant to meet so many passionate, committed local people and see what you have collectively achieved.  The levels of energy and enthusiasm displayed by everyone we met were incredible, and a real testament to the strength of the group you have built together.  The Community Café is a fantastic asset to the area, and something many other Big Locals might look to as an example as they develop their own plans for community hubs.”

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