Whitley CDA’s Community Book Shelf grows with the help of the Co-Op

What started as a small endeavour has just grown and grown and now with the support of Michael Kinghorn (Co-op Member Pioneer) we have many more books to share with the community.

We have always provided a small shelf of books for people to help themselves. During the pandemic we had many kind people drop off books and games to add to the collection. As soon as we were able we placed a small book shelf near our food surplus tent for anyone to take a book from. We shared a picture online and asked for donations and the next thing we knew Michael had collected 1,129 books for us!!!

A great example of community spirit. Micheal organised for the Whitley Wood Co-Op to collect books and posted requests online. The response was phenomenal, we are incredibly grateful.

We will be putting our Community Bookshelf out every day we have the food stall out. Some of these books look new and could make great Christmas presents. You will also find some used games. Everything on the shelf if free to take, if you can make a small donation it will go towards one of our community projects.

If you have anything you’d like to donate just pop along or contact us here.