Whitley CDA’s Trisha Bennett awarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters by Reading University in recognition of her Community work

Whitley CDA is immensely proud of, the now, Dr. Trisha Bennett as she is recognised by Reading University for her community development work here in Whitley. Trisha has lived for 41 years in Whitley and she has ensured that members of the community are engaged in the regeneration of the area. Trisha has been a vocal and tireless advocate of “with” and “by” as she has worked to improve the lives of those in Whitley.

Trisha said: “I am committed to genuinely community led regeneration of left behind neighbourhoods using a Community Development approach underpinned by the building of trust with those who feel marginalised and forgotten.”

Guided by Trisha Whitley CDA has been delivering a Big Local National Lottery-funded project in Whitley where she has been spearheading many community development projects. Not least of which with the Whitley Researchers, a project that is for local people and by local people and works in connection with the University to provide vital research on key local matters.

Right now Whitley CDA are working with the researchers and the University on the vital food project, the UKRI-funded FoodSEqual research, ensuring people in communities affected by food security issues are involved in finding solutions that work for them.

Professor Carol Fuller, Head of the Institute of Education, said: “For Trisha solutions are always best when they are arrived at in collaboration, when approached as a partnership and with the clear and profound belief that absolutely nothing is impossible. Regardless of your background, your goals and ambitions can be achieved.

“Trisha Bennet is a clear example of the ‘unsung hero’ – the hero who devotes her life to the well-being of others, who strives hard to give voice to the voiceless and is unapologetic in reminding us all, that there is no such thing as one group of people who are better than another.”

You can hear Trisha being interviewed by Radio Berkshire regarding this honour here

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