Whitley Social Club & Cafe is CLOSED

As you all probably know by now the Whitley Social Club & Cafe are CLOSED until further notice.

We, Whitley Community Development Association, have been given permission to access the building to allow our Surplus Food Project to continue. We will be delivering parcels to avoid people having to come to the cafe.

HOWEVER we need to make it clear that in these challenging times we are only able to give food to those who’ve been referred or have previously received help from us. We can’t help by supplying things that you can’t get at any of the local shops. We need to ensure that the most in need in our community have something to eat.

We are also dependant on supplies from our regular partners: M&S, BidFood and Morrisons. Please bear with us during this difficult time.

Thank you

Trisha Bennett

CD Coordinator

Whitley Community Development Association

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