Your Vote Matters – Find out about the candidates for upcoming locals that want to represent you

This Thursday, May 5th Reading Borough Council is an all out local election.

In May 2022 all Councillors are up for Election which means you will be able to vote for three candidates. This is due to the recent Local Ward Boundary Review see here for details.

You can find out where to vote here

The candidates for Whitley Ward are

Femi David Afolabi – Conservative
Nick Brown – Conservative
Rachel Claire Eden  – Labour
Vani Goel – Conservative
Micky Leng  – Labour
Alice Mpofu-Coles  – Labour
Kathleen Anne Smith – Green Party
Ian Charles Westby – Liberal Democrats

The candidates for Church Ward are

Peter Howard Boardley – Liberal Democrats
Mike Harling – Green Party
Andrew Hornsby-Smith – Labour
Ruth McEwan  – Labour
James Mwaniki Mugo – Conservative
Adam Lestyn Phelps – Conservative
Alanzo Nesta Seville – Conservative
Paul Woodward – Labour

The candidates for Redlands Ward are

Allison Carnell – Conservative
Marg Cobb – Labour
Will Cross – Labour
Shivraj Hawaldar – Conservative
Simon John Holden – Conservative
Francis David Jakeman – Liberal Democrats
Kathryn Elizabeth McCann – Green Party
David James McElroy  – Green Party
Amjad Iqbal Tahir Tarar – Labour
Jamie Whitham – Green Party

The candidates Katesgrove Ward are

Edward Michael Otto Belderbos – Conservative
Liam Clifford Jefferson Challenger – Labour
Doug Creswell – Green Party
Daniel James Huges – Conservative
Louise Kaye Keane – Green Party
George Charles Matthew – Labour
Margaret McNeill – Liberal Democrats
Mike Milner – Conservative
Mamuna Naz – Labour
Kate Nikulina – Green Party

You can read about Green candidates here
You can download a PDF of the Labour candidates here
You can read about the Liberal Democrat candidates here

Read the Conservative manifesto here.
Read the Green Party manifesto here.
Read the Labour manifesto here.
Read the Liberal Democract manifesto here.

*We did contact all of the parties by email and Twitter and unfortunately we never heard back from the Conservative party, this is why we are unable to provide any links about their candidates.

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