The boundaries of Reading Borough Council wards have changed – find out about your new ward and where you can vote

The local government boundary commission found that Reading Borough Council should be represented by 48 councillors. Their recommendations mean that those councillors should represent 16 three-councillor wards across the borough. For our community this means that we are now mainly split between Whitley and Church wards with some parts falling into Katesgrove and Redlands.

You can see the details of the boundary review here.
You can find out where to vote here
You can see who you can vote for here – we will be publishing details later.


  1. Daisy (Val) Hut( Harding) on 19th April 2022 at 9:55 pm

    Stupid put into Church ward when we are in the heart of Whitley. The local issues flagged up by church ward has no relevance whats so ever with those of us who are being transferred. Yet Kennet island is part of Whitley and its residents see themselves as having no connection with Whitley. Thier issues are not the same as central Whitley as was. Would have made more sense to create a new ward for Kennet island and green park/stadium area with all the new homes being proposed and built and kept the heart of Whitley as is not transfer to Church ward. I for one will not and cannot bring myself to vote for councillors who do not represent me and others like me in our area.

  2. […] In May 2022 all Councillors are up for Election which means you will be able to vote for three candidates. This is due to the recent Local Ward Boundary Review see here for details. […]

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